Never Judge a book by its cover, Never underestimate the power of your word

Never Judge a book by its cover, Never underestimate the power of your word

I have just remembered one of the greatest happenings while i was still new in this foreign land i am in, the Netherlands.
While i was traveling in train for transfer from the main Dutch asylum camp Terapel with my friend Hanna that i had met in the same camp while i just arrived in the country. As i was heading to Alkmaar where i am currently and her heading to another place

A Dutch man who was listening to our conversation realized that we were new in the country, He felt touched by what we were talking about.
He realized that we were just seeking to start a new life here in the Netherlands. When we reached Amersfoort were we were supposed to get another trains to take us different places as we were assigned by the Dutch Immigration.

This gentleman thinking that me and Hanna had passed through a lot to be in Netherlands, he gave us 40 euros. He handed it to me and he said that i should share it Hanna. Told him that we never worked for this money but his answer was ” I am paying forward” I gave Hanna 20 euros and i took 20 euros. And to be honest it was my starting money that i used to purchase my first mobile phone in the Netherlands.

If one asks me if i can remember this gentleman, I would say i really do not know were he is and what his intention was to give us free money. I have of late got to meet many Dutch friends here in the Netherlands and most of them believe that there is nothing for free.

Well i tell then my story and they stay asking themselves what this man was upto to give me free 20 euros that i had not worked for with my friend Hanna.
Let every situation in life be your teach. The word will always have an impact to the listener. Never be ashamed of your story because it will always inspire the listener.


Most Ugandans Apply A Moral Campus To Judge Gay People

Most Ugandans apply a moral campus to judge gay people – but it fails miserably because the average Ugandan has been more sinful than any gay person. Its not about gay mannerisms – because many people including top government spokes men speak while twisting their faces coquettishly like adolescent girls. The real issue boils down to gay-sex, which disgusts many people and is looked at as an abominable sin. But all this fails when you look at the moral fabric of Ugandans The average adult Ugandan (Including pastors, imams, MPs, CEOs, and peasants) have committed unprecedented levels of adultery and fornication, raped more women than gay people, stolen the taxpayer’s money in unprecedented levels of corruption, fornicated, beaten and even killed women, undressed women in public, tear-gassed innocent people, sacrificed children for money, murdered, spread HIV and STDs – which is predominantly spread heterosexually, and neglected your children – yet you believe you are holier than gay people and you choose the acts of a very small minority of people and label them as despicable, in your lens. There are many many many prostitutes on the streets of Kampala, who fornicate in tonnes – some with MPs and pastors, yet no one raises a finger. I think to use mere morals as the basis for judging human rights is a total failure of human judgement – not everyone uses a ‘moral’ campus in living their life and you know it. The true judgment of whether something should be done or not should not be based on the very strong bigoted morals of Ugandans – since most of them are rotten to the core anyway – it should be based on commonsense and the principles of natural justice – what is wrong with someone choosing to lead their life as they want – sexually – if they do no harm to the rest of society. Merely being disgusted with something is no cause enough to judge it. now believe I have absolutely no business judging the morals of others – let the business of judgment be left to God. In the world of sin, there is no relativism – if you choose to believe in the realm of sin and morality, then all sins are equal in the eyes of God – except the 7 deadly sins – of which gay sex is not part
By Kigozi Ishmael



First of all special thanks to thank Mr. Kyamulesire Abaasi who is not a gay but feels touched of how things are trending of late on the African continent with regard to human rights violation on assumption of baseless reasons and his work to change the mindset of Africans on the matter of discrimination based on sexual orientation can be felt in many of his writing. Today we take this opportunity to show you how he sees the status-quo.

Going back to the topic in question, of course it should not be and it’s highly unfortunate that countries like Uganda and Nigeria have anti homosexuality laws in place meant to discriminate and punish others for nothing except their unique natural sexual inclination based on religion and cultural ideologies.

However, any human act that does not step on the freedom of others cannot and should not be criminalized because all of us have the right to do whatever we want and be happy as long as we do not hurt any one’s rights and freedoms in the process of making ourselves happy.

We ought to remember that everybody has their own standards. What appears wrong based on your standards does not necessary mean it is wrong in relation to another’s standards. It is therefore extremely wrong for us to judge and persecute others based on our standards because they also have theirs plus the right to live by them. The only Right all of us do not have is the Right to do what we feel is right based on our standards while we hurt others in the process of making ourselves feel good or happy by some how stepping on their own Rights or freedom.

For instance, it is universally accepted as right for a man to mate with a woman. However, it’s a crime if a man does so by raping a woman because it is certainly not his right to make himself feel good at the expense of a woman’s consent. In the same way, two consenting adults have the right to sodomize themselves if they do not force somebody un interested to do so or if they do not in any way abuse some one minor for that purpose.

We cannot seriously hate and persecute others just because we do not like what they do in private with another consenting adult. It is not all about us and what we want but about others too and what they want. It is therefore wrong to waste somebody’s time persecuting them because we want them to be like us rather than be themselves. You are you and i am me, we can never be each other no matter what. Therefore, rather than persecute others for their uniqueness in nature, we have to let them be themselves as long as they do not hurt other’s rights in the process of being themselves.

We all deserve equal treatment and it is highly inexcusable that most of us hide behind religion and misuse God’s word to justify bigotry and persecution. That is fantastic hypocrisy because religion calls for agape love towards others and these include the homos.

The bible says that love is tolerant, kind and forgiving. It is however a shame that most Christians forget that fact and support plus advocate for systems that persecute others for their un Christian choices. Is that the kind of love God expects from Christians in the law of “love your neighbor as you love yourself?” It is certainly not and in a scenario such as this one, a true Christian should respond by loving the homos through tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness plus praying for them, preaching to them and may be pouring holly water on them.

Even Jesus as the pillar of Christianity did not deal with non Christian behavior by arresting those with it or wanting them dead. Unlike most Christians today, he instead loved them by giving them God’s word, told them to live their sinful nature and follow him so they can be saved. He tolerated them by eating and drinking with them because it was them he came for. He did not also arrest them by any law. How then can Christians of today say they follow Jesus when they can not emulate him in such a fashion?

When Jesus was dying on the cross, he forgave those who crucified him to show his followers an example of how they should treat others whose systems are not Godly. It is therefore pretentious and un Christianly for Christians to advocate for and support systems that persecute, arrest and kill others whose conduct is not Christianly. It is truly an irony that they call themselves Christ’s followers yet they can not follow Christ’s example. They are pretenders and copy cuts of the Pharisees in the bible.

We are all sinful by nature. However, God continues to love us all by tolerating and forgiving our sins rather than hating and destroying us the way we want others like the homos destroyed. Why then do most Christians call themselves God’s children when they cannot love, endure and forgive others like the homos in the exact manner God loves, endures and forgives them again and again instead of destroying them also for their sinfulness just as they want the homos destroyed?

God commands Christians to love others as they love themselves and a true Christian has to respect God’s laws because they makeup the constitution of the Christianity faith. God did not put this law plus others in place so that Christians can disobey them. He put them in place to be followed by anybody who says they are a Christian. You can not therefore call yourself a true Christian while you violate the constitution of the Christian faith by wanting others arrested or killed because of their non Christian behavior instead of loving them just like God loves you although you are sinful too.

Many people against homosexuals especially Christians talk of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as a justification to affirm that homosexuality is wrong. What they forget is that the homosexuals in these two places wanted to sodomize everyone whether interested or not. This is seen in the way they forcefully asked Lot for his two male guests to have intercourse with them and even went as far as forcing themselves into Lot’s house for that matter against his consent.

In this context, they deserved punishment not because they were gay but because they wanted to force others into gay intercourse with them against their consent. They also violated people’s privacy by forcing themselves into their homes to force others into gay intercourse with them as seen from Lot’s story. In other words, it was their right to be gay with anybody willing to be gay but not their right to be gay with someone un willing. It was also not their right to forcefully enter somebody’s home to force other uninterested individuals into gay intercourse with them.

Everyone deserves equal rights despite our differences in color, beliefs and sexual orientation. Homosexuals for instance deserve to have their Rights upheld because besides what i have already said, they are also citizens who pay taxes and vote just like any other. We have to co-exist with others despite the differences in between because this world is not one’s plot of land to limit and persecute another simply because that someone does something you and i don’t like moreover in privacy with another willing adult.

we ought to co-exist and tolerate each other despite our differences and that’s surely what religion also means when it tells us to love one another. It is not love toward others when you hate and judge them for not doing or being like you because they will never be you other than be themselves. Judgment should be strictly reserved for God.

No sin is greater than the other, all sin is sin before God. Therefore before you put laws in place to arrest homos and jail them, first put laws in place to punish you and others for fornication, prostitution, corruption and many others. It is however absurd that people especially the so called good Christians magnify other sins that they do not per take as extreme over others that they per take. That is hypocrisy to the maximum and surely God does not appreciate that because all sin is sin before him and no sin is better than the other.

Selfishness is the key reason why we violate others rights because it makes us assume that everything is about us. However, imagine if you went to sleep and had a dream in which you were gay and i started putting in place laws to limit, persecute and arrest you for doing what is within your nature to do and be happy with other willing people, would i strike you as fair? Would you not want your Rights respected like the homos want theirs respected?

“Let any who is without sin be the first to throw a stone” By James Onen, Uganda. Via Facebook.

“Most people are truly not good Christians. They either do not read their bibles or they do not understand them and here is the proof. Let’s ask ourselves this in the story below. Who are those condemning homos acting like? The Pharisees or Jesus? Replace the adulteress in this story with a gay man and you will see that Christians condemning and advocating for persecution against the homos are basically a spitting image of the Pharisees.”

John 7:53-8:11 New International Version (NIV)

The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.

But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground. At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you? ”No one, sir,” she said. “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

By Edward Musisi
“From the story above. It is clear that people have serious comprehension issues. Yes it is true that Jesus told the adulteress not to sin again. But he did not order her punished by law for it. No one has said you should stop telling the gays to stop sinning. But don’t kill or arrest them. If you can’t grasp this simple point, then you are seriously mentally challenged.”

James Onen
Via Facebook
“Yeah, so just like Jesus did – tell them to leave their ways but don’t arrest them – in just the same way we tell adulterers to change but don’t arrest or kill them. If this distinction is hard for
you to grasp, I’ll have to conclude that you have comprehension issues. You are playing the part of the Pharisees to a ‘T’. Congratulations, come pick your Academy Award.”

In simple terms, any legislation against homosexuality which suggests death or arrest is a profoundly offensive and dangerous attack on the very foundation of individual liberties and human rights. The focus of true Christianity in a case like this should be to teach that the Word of God is about helping all people, gay and non gay to learn that God loves them and has a purpose for their lives, not put guilt or condemnation on them.

It should be to love them enough by taking the word of God to them such that they get saved from the destruction out of their un Godly behavior and follow God. It should be to tolerate them while praying for them than wishing them arrested or killed the same way God tolerates Christians when they sin over and over instead of destroying them.

Finally, It is not the business of any state to throw itself in the private affairs of two consenting adults. Any human act that does not piss on the freedom of others cannot and should not be criminalized. Homosexuality does not harm us as a society and people. It is instead the hypocrisy, venality, and corruption in our societies that are the true cause of our problems.

By Kyamulesire Abaasi



From time immemorial, homosexuality call it “same-sex relationships” has been into existence dating many centuries back. A lot of facts about the topic in question can be traced in vast cultures that have existed for many years back dating from ancient times.
Homosexuality has existed in various civilizations and cultures around the world citing many examples in Europe, Africa, Asia among others. For example in the ancient Greek civilization same-sex relationships can be traced as far as Plato’s days, In South America, the Aztecs, Mayans, Zapotec among others. History has figures Socrates, Lord Byron, Hadrian, Dorian Grey among others having the term ‘gay’ used onto them.

In Africa the Azande people in north of Congo, Zulu people in South Africa and Buganda in Uganda, examples can be traced. For example prominent figures of the time such as Shaka the Zulu and Ssekabaka Mwanga of Buganda kingdom were prominently homosexuals; however the practice had died out by the early 20th century, after Europeans had gained control of African countries, refuting the notion that same-sex relations are an invention of the west onto the African continent.

According to 1976 study by Gwen Broude and Sarah Greene, It was discovered that out of 42 communities: homosexuality was accepted or ignored in 9; 5 communities had no concept of homosexuality; 11 considered it undesirable but did not set punishments; and 17 strongly disapproved and punished. Of 70 communities, homosexuality was reported to be absent or rare in frequency in 41, and present or not uncommon in 29.

The notion that homosexuality is an invention fueled by the west as believed by most African countries and many other parts of the world has been watered down by recent research and technology that points out the role of genes in one’s sexual orientation.

In 2004, Italian researchers conducted a study of about 4,600 people who were the relatives of 98 homosexual and 100 heterosexual men. Female relatives of the homosexual men tended to have more offspring than those of the heterosexual men. Female relatives of the homosexual men on their mother’s side tended to have more offspring than those on the father’s side. The researchers concluded that there was genetic material being passed down on the X chromosome which both promotes fertility in the mother and homosexuality in her male offspring. The connections discovered would explain about 20% of the cases studied, indicating that this is a highly significant but not the sole genetic factor determining sexual orientation.

Therefore in this time and era, it is really so absurd for one to deny any one aright to select his or her love partner basing on obsolete assumptions as many of the countries that deny these rights to LGBT persons.



Basing on many cases explained by various LGBT asylum seekers in various parts of the world most especially the western world, there is a lot to tell of what they go through after running away from their motherlands due to the discrimination on ground of their sexual orientation.
Show casing will be based on the Uganda LGBT community of asylum seekers who have fled to many parts of the world inclusive of USA, Europe and Australia but most specifically citing examples from The Netherlands.

To many who have not yet fled the homophobic environments, this would be a good time to take a very keen attention because many have plans for this since its no longer safe for one to stay in such an environment. One goes through a hell of a life to run away and find a chance to land on a place he or she thinks will automatically grant him or her the life he or she always wished for. Little does one bare in mind that where he or she runs to is not a ‘bed of roses’ but rather a place full of systems and procedures one has to under go to be regarded and recognized as officially a refugee.

There is a lot of strictness in the criteria that one has to go through of which one fleeing only realize when he or she is trapped in the middle of uncertainty since immigration authorities will need one to give proof by documentation of which many were not informed about the essence of such paper work.

It should be remembered that one lives a fearful life to come out and the moment he or she gets a chance to escape that life, she or he will use it to the fullest potential hopeful of starting live the life he or she always wished.

Basing on facts given by the current LGBT asylum seekers in many parts of the world citing specifically The Netherlands where Same Sex relationships where tolerated and enshrined for many years back making it the first country to legalize same sex relations since the end of World War II which saw many laws put in place to protect the LGBT rights in the country citing examples of laws like “Equal Rights Law” that was enacted in 1993 by the Dutch Parliament among others.

LGBT persons who prefer remaining anonymous in order to protect their names hence for that matter we shall call them X1, and X2.
Basing on the testimony got from X1, thus
“I left my beloved country Uganda because I could no longer hide my self for who I am. I accepted my self to be a lesbian and embraced it at quite a tender age of 16 years, however when I realized it that my family was not happy that I come out to tell them, I was forced into marriage at the age of 19 years which was more less like another prison for me. I realized I had to run and start a new life where I can only decide my destiny basing on my sexual orientation. I went through a lot to see that I flee my country to another country to start a new life as an open lesbian, however to my surprise little did I know that I had to go through a lot to prove my sexual orientation when I got in the Netherlands and currently I am waiting for my asylum procedure with a lot of uncertainty because immigration authorities did not believe that I am a lesbian. My belief will always be that no one knows me than I know my self and if I tell you who i am and you doubt me, then i let you do what you wish that suits me”

Further more basing on another testimony given by X2 said thus
“When I was helped to get to the Netherlands by a Good Samaritan, little did he explain to me that I had to go through a lot to live my life as a free gay man. I have passed through a lot to prove to the immigration authority that doubts of my sexual orientation. I am proud of my self and I will not care if one believes me or not because its in me to be who i am. I passed through a lot as my dad almost killed me saying that I am a very big blasphemy to him and the whole family for being gay. I had to run for my life and live in isolation from my family and clan, when I got the chance to start a new life, i had to take it with two hands without hesitation however due to the criteria followed in these countries on asylum issues, I have to wait for a long time that I am uncertain of.

With the new developments on LGBT affairs worldwide giving examples like the recent European Union Court of Justice ruling on status of LGBT asylum seekers from Uganda, Senegal and Sieraleone in the EU countries end on 2013 in response to the petition that had been put forward by the Dutch legal petitioners and the recently deteriorating trends in countries like Uganda and Nigeria where laws that punish homosexuality have been put in place and thus it has intensified the need for many countries to keenly and carefully handle their asylum procedures the moment they land on their soils by whatsoever means.

There is a lot of such testimonies from all over the world in relation to these on the similarities and contrasts on how life has to change for any LGBT asylum seeker from any country that violate these rights under a state funded discriminatory legislation put in place under the status-qua.


Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM) community is scheduling a demonstration on 20th March 2014 in Amsterdam, the heart of Netherlands. UGOM is joining the global action against homophobia and laws that violate human dignity.
UGOM is falling soot to the same trend as other LGBT rights advocacy entities have done citing the likes of Kuchu Diaspora Alliance (KDA) in Denmark and United States among others.

The UGOM community is inviting all those that sympathize with the oppressed LGBT communities in Uganda and Nigeria to join us in this event that will be a clear signal to the rest of the world of the plight of the Africa’s most marginalized community.
We believe a global movement united under the cause of scrapping these laws is needed and it’s only you and me to be the vanguards of this cause. Join us in this struggle because you are not safe until every one is safe, let your voice be amplified in this event as we are together as one because it is a noble cause worth joining and supporting.

The new anti gay laws are a total violation to the United Nations Charter on human rights of which Uganda and Nigeria are signatories and as such, they should be challenged and force both Governments to repeal them from their national constitutions.

Among the violations includes jailing LGBTI persons found liable to repeated offence of acts against nature, punishing all those organizations that promote LGBTI rights through banning their operations and all those that give any kind of support to LGBT persons proposing for them 7 years in jail, flogging.
To sum it up, they are laws that do not suit the existence of the most marginalized population in Uganda and Nigeria.

UGOM on such grounds is coming out to join the rest of the world in protest against these injustices portrayed under these new laws and advocate for their repeal.
Other penal codes that are in relation to this new law should also be part of this agenda.
For example the Ugandan constitution has a penal code 120 that was annexed from the British colonial laws that governed the land and it is still in existence only to be strengthened under the new law.

In this demonstration we want to strongly send a signal back home that the journey to our freedom is now. We are going to do what it takes for our rights because it’s our right to love whom we want.

It is really a sad moment for the whole world and it is high time the international community isolate Uganda and Nigeria by putting travel bans on soils of countries that respect LGBTI rights like the EU, USA, Canada, among others to all those that got involved in making these laws a success be it government officials, public figures and individuals.
We as human rights defenders shall continue fighting tooth and nail to see the liberation of LGBTI community in our country and Africa at large “HUMAN RIGHTS IS OUR PRIDE”