Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM) community is scheduling a demonstration on 20th March 2014 in Amsterdam, the heart of Netherlands. UGOM is joining the global action against homophobia and laws that violate human dignity.
UGOM is falling soot to the same trend as other LGBT rights advocacy entities have done citing the likes of Kuchu Diaspora Alliance (KDA) in Denmark and United States among others.

The UGOM community is inviting all those that sympathize with the oppressed LGBT communities in Uganda and Nigeria to join us in this event that will be a clear signal to the rest of the world of the plight of the Africa’s most marginalized community.
We believe a global movement united under the cause of scrapping these laws is needed and it’s only you and me to be the vanguards of this cause. Join us in this struggle because you are not safe until every one is safe, let your voice be amplified in this event as we are together as one because it is a noble cause worth joining and supporting.

The new anti gay laws are a total violation to the United Nations Charter on human rights of which Uganda and Nigeria are signatories and as such, they should be challenged and force both Governments to repeal them from their national constitutions.

Among the violations includes jailing LGBTI persons found liable to repeated offence of acts against nature, punishing all those organizations that promote LGBTI rights through banning their operations and all those that give any kind of support to LGBT persons proposing for them 7 years in jail, flogging.
To sum it up, they are laws that do not suit the existence of the most marginalized population in Uganda and Nigeria.

UGOM on such grounds is coming out to join the rest of the world in protest against these injustices portrayed under these new laws and advocate for their repeal.
Other penal codes that are in relation to this new law should also be part of this agenda.
For example the Ugandan constitution has a penal code 120 that was annexed from the British colonial laws that governed the land and it is still in existence only to be strengthened under the new law.

In this demonstration we want to strongly send a signal back home that the journey to our freedom is now. We are going to do what it takes for our rights because it’s our right to love whom we want.

It is really a sad moment for the whole world and it is high time the international community isolate Uganda and Nigeria by putting travel bans on soils of countries that respect LGBTI rights like the EU, USA, Canada, among others to all those that got involved in making these laws a success be it government officials, public figures and individuals.
We as human rights defenders shall continue fighting tooth and nail to see the liberation of LGBTI community in our country and Africa at large “HUMAN RIGHTS IS OUR PRIDE”


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