Basing on many cases explained by various LGBT asylum seekers in various parts of the world most especially the western world, there is a lot to tell of what they go through after running away from their motherlands due to the discrimination on ground of their sexual orientation.
Show casing will be based on the Uganda LGBT community of asylum seekers who have fled to many parts of the world inclusive of USA, Europe and Australia but most specifically citing examples from The Netherlands.

To many who have not yet fled the homophobic environments, this would be a good time to take a very keen attention because many have plans for this since its no longer safe for one to stay in such an environment. One goes through a hell of a life to run away and find a chance to land on a place he or she thinks will automatically grant him or her the life he or she always wished for. Little does one bare in mind that where he or she runs to is not a ‘bed of roses’ but rather a place full of systems and procedures one has to under go to be regarded and recognized as officially a refugee.

There is a lot of strictness in the criteria that one has to go through of which one fleeing only realize when he or she is trapped in the middle of uncertainty since immigration authorities will need one to give proof by documentation of which many were not informed about the essence of such paper work.

It should be remembered that one lives a fearful life to come out and the moment he or she gets a chance to escape that life, she or he will use it to the fullest potential hopeful of starting live the life he or she always wished.

Basing on facts given by the current LGBT asylum seekers in many parts of the world citing specifically The Netherlands where Same Sex relationships where tolerated and enshrined for many years back making it the first country to legalize same sex relations since the end of World War II which saw many laws put in place to protect the LGBT rights in the country citing examples of laws like “Equal Rights Law” that was enacted in 1993 by the Dutch Parliament among others.

LGBT persons who prefer remaining anonymous in order to protect their names hence for that matter we shall call them X1, and X2.
Basing on the testimony got from X1, thus
“I left my beloved country Uganda because I could no longer hide my self for who I am. I accepted my self to be a lesbian and embraced it at quite a tender age of 16 years, however when I realized it that my family was not happy that I come out to tell them, I was forced into marriage at the age of 19 years which was more less like another prison for me. I realized I had to run and start a new life where I can only decide my destiny basing on my sexual orientation. I went through a lot to see that I flee my country to another country to start a new life as an open lesbian, however to my surprise little did I know that I had to go through a lot to prove my sexual orientation when I got in the Netherlands and currently I am waiting for my asylum procedure with a lot of uncertainty because immigration authorities did not believe that I am a lesbian. My belief will always be that no one knows me than I know my self and if I tell you who i am and you doubt me, then i let you do what you wish that suits me”

Further more basing on another testimony given by X2 said thus
“When I was helped to get to the Netherlands by a Good Samaritan, little did he explain to me that I had to go through a lot to live my life as a free gay man. I have passed through a lot to prove to the immigration authority that doubts of my sexual orientation. I am proud of my self and I will not care if one believes me or not because its in me to be who i am. I passed through a lot as my dad almost killed me saying that I am a very big blasphemy to him and the whole family for being gay. I had to run for my life and live in isolation from my family and clan, when I got the chance to start a new life, i had to take it with two hands without hesitation however due to the criteria followed in these countries on asylum issues, I have to wait for a long time that I am uncertain of.

With the new developments on LGBT affairs worldwide giving examples like the recent European Union Court of Justice ruling on status of LGBT asylum seekers from Uganda, Senegal and Sieraleone in the EU countries end on 2013 in response to the petition that had been put forward by the Dutch legal petitioners and the recently deteriorating trends in countries like Uganda and Nigeria where laws that punish homosexuality have been put in place and thus it has intensified the need for many countries to keenly and carefully handle their asylum procedures the moment they land on their soils by whatsoever means.

There is a lot of such testimonies from all over the world in relation to these on the similarities and contrasts on how life has to change for any LGBT asylum seeker from any country that violate these rights under a state funded discriminatory legislation put in place under the status-qua.



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