Most Ugandans Apply A Moral Campus To Judge Gay People

Most Ugandans apply a moral campus to judge gay people – but it fails miserably because the average Ugandan has been more sinful than any gay person. Its not about gay mannerisms – because many people including top government spokes men speak while twisting their faces coquettishly like adolescent girls. The real issue boils down to gay-sex, which disgusts many people and is looked at as an abominable sin. But all this fails when you look at the moral fabric of Ugandans The average adult Ugandan (Including pastors, imams, MPs, CEOs, and peasants) have committed unprecedented levels of adultery and fornication, raped more women than gay people, stolen the taxpayer’s money in unprecedented levels of corruption, fornicated, beaten and even killed women, undressed women in public, tear-gassed innocent people, sacrificed children for money, murdered, spread HIV and STDs – which is predominantly spread heterosexually, and neglected your children – yet you believe you are holier than gay people and you choose the acts of a very small minority of people and label them as despicable, in your lens. There are many many many prostitutes on the streets of Kampala, who fornicate in tonnes – some with MPs and pastors, yet no one raises a finger. I think to use mere morals as the basis for judging human rights is a total failure of human judgement – not everyone uses a ‘moral’ campus in living their life and you know it. The true judgment of whether something should be done or not should not be based on the very strong bigoted morals of Ugandans – since most of them are rotten to the core anyway – it should be based on commonsense and the principles of natural justice – what is wrong with someone choosing to lead their life as they want – sexually – if they do no harm to the rest of society. Merely being disgusted with something is no cause enough to judge it. now believe I have absolutely no business judging the morals of others – let the business of judgment be left to God. In the world of sin, there is no relativism – if you choose to believe in the realm of sin and morality, then all sins are equal in the eyes of God – except the 7 deadly sins – of which gay sex is not part
By Kigozi Ishmael


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