Never Judge a book by its cover, Never underestimate the power of your word

Never Judge a book by its cover, Never underestimate the power of your word

I have just remembered one of the greatest happenings while i was still new in this foreign land i am in, the Netherlands.
While i was traveling in train for transfer from the main Dutch asylum camp Terapel with my friend Hanna that i had met in the same camp while i just arrived in the country. As i was heading to Alkmaar where i am currently and her heading to another place

A Dutch man who was listening to our conversation realized that we were new in the country, He felt touched by what we were talking about.
He realized that we were just seeking to start a new life here in the Netherlands. When we reached Amersfoort were we were supposed to get another trains to take us different places as we were assigned by the Dutch Immigration.

This gentleman thinking that me and Hanna had passed through a lot to be in Netherlands, he gave us 40 euros. He handed it to me and he said that i should share it Hanna. Told him that we never worked for this money but his answer was ” I am paying forward” I gave Hanna 20 euros and i took 20 euros. And to be honest it was my starting money that i used to purchase my first mobile phone in the Netherlands.

If one asks me if i can remember this gentleman, I would say i really do not know were he is and what his intention was to give us free money. I have of late got to meet many Dutch friends here in the Netherlands and most of them believe that there is nothing for free.

Well i tell then my story and they stay asking themselves what this man was upto to give me free 20 euros that i had not worked for with my friend Hanna.
Let every situation in life be your teach. The word will always have an impact to the listener. Never be ashamed of your story because it will always inspire the listener.


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