11th May is a day to make our mothers feel special because they are paramount in making many things of great success to the children, This time round we want to identify one of the best mothers the world should know that the Ugandan LGBT community should really appreciate for her action she did to openly accept and support our fallen hero during his days when he was still alive.

Nalongo Lydia Mulumba is the mother of the late David Kato who is a well known hero to the LGBT world for his tremendous work which has made many courageous activists around the globe to continue to fight the stigma and discrimination meted out to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people on a daily basis.
It is now about 4 years ever since she lost a brave son whom she really loved dearly but this has not stopped her from remembering his work. She really gives hope to many that really listen to what she says about the work of her late son. She was in support of what he was really doing for the freedom of his LGBT brothers and sisters.

It should be noted that David Kato was murdered in January of 2011 for his sexuality, and his advocacy to recognize the leadership of individuals who strive to uphold the human rights and human dignity of LGBTI people around the world.
However, the Police in their report said Kato’s death was not connected to his work as an activist like many alleged but was rather a case of robbery and they say they did all the investigations as expected. Kato’s family says he was the bread winner. He is remembered as someone who never wanted to see anyone suffer.

David Kato’s mother, Lydia Mulumba, while she was presenting the award to Ali Erol along with Mourice Tomlinson at the ‘David Kato Vision and Voice Awards’ in 2013, She said:
“Although I lost a son, I am grateful that David’s work carries on and that his name lives on within this award. I am also happy for the friendship I continue to receive from all those who knew David.”
Kato’s mother Lydia Mulumba is remembered to say while wiping tears away from her eyes that her son was brutally murdered and that what surprises her up to now is that the murderer was given a very lenient sentence in their absence at court;
“I can not believe that my son is dead up to now. At least if it was an accident, I would have accepted that he passed away. But even after the murderer accepted that he killed him, the government decided to just give such a lenient sentence as if Kato did not have his own people. As if he was a dog or a rat that they just kill in cold blood like that. I will always cry for my son even after my death. The only thing that will ever relieve me is seeing that the case is resumed and justice is rightly passed,” Mulumba laments.
Mrs. Mulumba should be exemplary to many mothers around the globe, but most especially to mothers in Uganda who have LGBT children to accept them the way they are. They are just like any other children and therefore they should not be segregated or discriminated on such grounds. Parents should not disown their children for being extra ordinary.



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