May 17th 2014 will see a vigil organized for the International Day Against Gay and Transphobia (IDAHOT) in the Orange Church in Amsterdam in cooperation with the LKP Foundation, which is the national umbrella organization of the Christian LGBT movement. It is the first of its kind in the Netherlands
This is done to shed light on the violence against LGBT people worldwide
The Christian LGBT initiative Progetto Gionata from Italy every year gives an impetus to organize a vigil. The purpose of the vigil is from the church and in collaboration with whether or not to stand in the violence, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) suffer worldwide Christian LGBT organizations still have physical and verbal, overt and subtle.
Jantine Heuvelink, pastor of the Church Orange: “When the question came from the LKP or Oranjekerk would be to organize a wake-IDAHOT the place I did not have to think long. We sincerely wish the International Day Against Gay and Transphobia provide space to assist the global violence against LGBT people. Together quietly we also want to share the desire and the hope that things can be different. We can provide a wake-IDAHOT first in the Netherlands fills us with pride. ”
Remembrance and financial support badly needed
The vigil in Orange Church consists of hymns, prayers, a reading from the Bible and testimonies of LGBT people. Moses Loveroy Walusimbi, a member of the organization on Uganda Gay Move is one of them. Moses: “I am very grateful that there is a church where I can share my story. In Uganda, where I come from, I’m not sure my life, and the church is a threat rather than a free space or refuge where LGBT people can. ”
The vigil concludes with a collection for the Pride Fund, an initiative of COC Netherlands and Amnesty International. Tanja Ineke, chairman of COC Netherlands, will explain the benefits of this initiative, which persecuted LGBT people in Africa and elsewhere on site support.
Liturgical guide
Orange Church hopes that it will not stay with this one vigil and other (local) churches in the Netherlands will take over the initiative. Ds. Wielie Elhorst, co-founder on behalf of the LKP and himself a member of the Orange Church: “For churches interested we have a simple digital liturgical guide compiled. We sincerely hope that churches feel compelled to tell the story of LGBT people that they want to know of this need and that they want to be inspired by the hope and the intransigence of these people, which gives color to the good news of the Gospel. “The guide provides ideas for the implementation of the order of service on Sunday, May 18.
During the wake-IDAHOT Cantorij of Orange Congregation led by Mart Anne Franks, organist Jos van der Bijl and ministers Jantine Heuvelink and Wielie Elhorst will their cooperation. The vigil is open to everyone and takes about an hour. After the vigil is an opportunity to chat and meet the entry area of the Orange Church.
Date: May 17, 2014 Time: 20:30 to 21:30. Location: Orange Church, Second Van der Helststraat 1-3, Amsterdam.


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