From time to time around the world and from time immemorial there has been harassment of the LGBT persons. The countries that we all know today as the pioneers in respect to the LGBT rights such as The Netherlands, France, UK, Belgium, Norway, among others had at one point homophobia at its climax especially before and after World War2 in Europe and not forgetting the Stonewall incidence.

They devised means to curb this phenomenon and among these means include consortiums bringing them together for a common resolution to the problem. Examples of such consortiums in the western world include Consortium Roze in The Netherlands, UK LGBT consortium, Safe Out LGBT Consortium in USA, The pink promotion Consortium, The Allan Turing Consortium named in remembrance of a famous world war openly gay veteran Allan Turing whose work is still remembered today towards the success of the World War2 when he helped to crack the enigma codes of the Nazis.

Through such means, there was increase in positive impact of education, awareness, and pride which, as a natural consequence, that lowered the incidence of excessive discrimination and increased the rights of LGBT community that had suffered as a result of homophobia in those days. Today in most of these countries it is a crime to discriminate a person basing on his or her sexual orientation and punishable by law.

It would be really good point to consider as African LGBT activists fight towards liberation of their rights in their motherlands and continent. African LGBT consortiums would really lead us to our salvation as it did to guardians of the LGBT community that is marginalized. Despite all these efforts, internationally many countries still suffer from the legacy of homophobic/transphobic laws resulting from colonial occupation by Britain. For example in Uganda this same law was annexed into the Ugandan constitution from the former British laws left behind after independence which later was improved into a law that was passed as Anti Homosexuality Law 2014

Therefore through such consortiums, there is a chance for everyone to celebrate diversity and send out the clear message from every city, municipal and country in the World – Section 28: Never Again.

With this path, there is a lot of hope that homophobia that is as a result of misinformation to the masses by those that preach against what they do not have idea about, we hope to see massive involvements in fruitful dialogues for a better sustainable solution to the matter because as a union, a lot can be reached upon just like our pioneers and guardians overcome hate in their countries.



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