Tuesday June 10th debate on the new Anti-gay Law in Uganda

Tuesday June 10th debate on the new Anti-gay Law in Uganda

Over the last six months several orthodox-christian and islamic governments in Europe, Africa and Asia have indicated, that we shouldn’t expect any change in their attitude regarding homosexuality (LHBTQI). This doesn’t make Stichting Secret Garden in Amsterdam very happy, to put it mildly.

Russia accepted a law that prohibits ‘gay propaganda’. The Gulf States will deny LGBT people permission to enter their countries based on a medical test, which has been developed by Kuwait. In Brunei a ten years prison sentence was already in force, now a new law allows the death penalty by stoning. In Nigeria same sex relations were already illegal and at the beginning of this year president Museveni signed a new Anti-gay Law by which a lifelong sentence can be effected. In short, the developments in these countries are frightening.
The LHBT community are persecuted or killed everywhere, especially also in Uganda. A year ago Secret Garden received a large group of LGBT refugees from Uganda in search of a safe haven. These refugees united in Uganda Gays on the Move (UGOM.

On Tuesday June 10th Stichting Secret Garden, UGOM and the Wereldhuis Amsterdam organize a debate on the new Anti-gay Law in Uganda. In this debate the safety and the human rights of LHBT people are the central topic. We invited a variety of speakers and experts on the subject. Politicians too will participate.

Date: Tuesday June 10th
Time: From 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.
Location: Nieuwe Keizersgracht 1A, 1018 DR Amsterdam

The program

5.00 PM entering
5.30 PM begin of the debate

Panel members and speakers are:

1. Sj.W. (Sjoerd) Sjoerdsma MSc – Tweede Kamerlid D66

2. S. Wieringa (hoogleraar Gender and Women’s Same-sex Relations Crossculturally aan de Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen van de Universiteit van Amsterdam)

3. Koen van Dijk
Directeur bij COC Nederland

4. Nakiganda Hasifah
Kuchu Diaspora Alliance(KDA)
Ugandan Human Rights Activist from Denmark

5. Elise Kant (genderspecialist Kerk in Actie)

6. Rhona Bugembe (secretaris van UGOM) en Julius Matovu (voorzitter van UGOM)

8.00 PM Ending


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