The Hague cultural Parade/ Festival of 12th-July-2014 was such a success as many people from all over the Netherlands of different traditions and norms converged to celebrate with the Theme “Unity in Diversity”
Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM) group was among the participants in this wonderful, cheerful and colorful annual event.

“You can think what you want. But you should know that I was born just like you, I have the same red blood like you, I breath the same oxygen like you.
I am a human being, just like anyone else. Many can feel sorry for me for the way people treat me for being just who i am born to be, I feel pity for those who can not have that sense of feeling at least occupying a single split second to imagine what my life is.”
Says Julius Matovu, one of the participants and cofounder of UGOM addressing to the participants.

One of the urgent challenges LGBT community and its supporters in Uganda and Nigeria has faced is that; the very folks who attend church and believe in God who present the biggest threat to the well-being of gay and lesbian young folks in these countries. There’s a direct correlation, in the cultural context (where well-funded western right-wing American Christians have whipped up the flames for some time now) between lethal homophobia and church membership.


It’s people who claim to own the Bible and to speak on God’s behalf who are seeking to incite violence against their gay, transgender, bisexuals and lesbian brothers and sisters in Uganda and Nigeria.
We are the children of the rainbow flag; we shall fight for our rights at all cost.
“Human rights is our pride”

Great thanks to Mr. Calvin Moreno for introducing us to the committee of the organizers of this wonderful annual event and deeply thank the Hague Culture Parade, African life, Gemeente Den HAAG, Fonds 1818, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.





12th July 2014 which is tomorrow is one of the festivals celebrated in the Netherlands in the city of Hague (Den Haag). The Hague Cultural Parade festival is done once a year to allow many cultures from all over the world to express their norms and traditions. This year’s theme is “Unity in Diversity” (Eenhein in Diversiteity)

Ugom 2

Uganda Gay On Move(UGOM)is among the Organizations that were invited to participate in this wonderful and colorful event. There shall be telling and sharing UGOM members stories to those that will be taking part.
The event will commence from 13:00uur to 19:00uur and the location is of assembly is at Football field Verademming Newton Straat in Hague.
NB: Those that have their country costumes, T-Shirts or attires,feel free to wear them to match with the day



3rd of August 2014 will see yet another paramount vital church service in Amsterdam this time round called “The Gay Pride Deinst kerk service with the help and support of Rev. Wielie Elhorst scheduled to take place at Keizersgratchtkerk 566, Amsterdam taking place at 12:30 uur. UGOM is honored to be invited and given the opportunity to present its member, Cindy Ndagire a proud LGBT Ugandan Asylum seeker who will be able to give a little about her life experience as a lesbian.
Always love wins. Human rights is our pride. “Change is coming”



On the 8th-July-2014 saw the presentation of a document to the PVDA political party Member of Parliament in the Netherlands Tweede kamer (Parliament. This was a success and we thank Mr.Egbert for his effort to link us and mediate this wonderful meeting. This is what was partly talked about as below;
The Uganda Gay on Move (UGOM) is an initiative of human rights defenders especially Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, (LGBT) rights, that was started in 2013 in The Netherlands.
We are addressing to you this documentation to express our concerns about the current trends after the enactment of the draconian Anti Homosexuality laws in Uganda and in Nigeria by the current regimes and open more opportunities to create and engage in dialogues for solutions to this trend.
It should be noted that the enactment of these laws meant a lot to the LGBT community in these African countries, for example in Uganda:
It provides heavy and grave punishments or penalties for violating any of its provisions ranging from cancellation of licenses for human rights organizations to life imprisonment, for those found guilty of committing the so called “Acts against nature”
The objectives embedded in this Act/Law;
a) Provides for marriage in Uganda as that contracted only between a man and woman.
b) Prohibits and penalize homosexual behavior and related practices in Uganda as they constitute a threat to the traditional family.
c) Prohibits ratification of any international treaties, conventions, protocols, agreements and declarations which are contrary or inconsistent with the previsions of this law.
d) Prohibits the licensing of non government organizations which promotes homosexuality in any kind of form.


The aftermath of this law has seen a lot of changes which among the many include human rights violations. The life for LGBT persons in Uganda has really become unbearable. There has been an increase in mob justice done towards the LGBT persons in Uganda and those that have fled to the neighboring countries like Kenya were many fled aftermath of the law enactment. Blackmails, extortion have become the order of the day. The rate at which evictions are being done to any one found out to be gay or lesbian by landlords in fear the results the law provides for those harboring LGBT. Many have lost their jobs; many have been rejected and expelled from their families on a high rate. Many students suspected of being homosexuals have been expelled from various schools ever since last year when the Ugandan parliament ascended to the bill which become law on 24-Febuary-2014 such as Iganga girls school. The list is endless for many atrocities going on towards the innocent marginalized “kuchu” community in Uganda after the law was passed and majority of them go unnoticed.
Despite of all these setbacks, we would love to see an amounted complete pressure mounted to the governments in Africa that have enacted these human degrading laws from the Executive and Legislative process in Uganda and for that matter, we kindly request your office to;

1. Continue lobbying our presidents Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda and Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria and their parliaments to revise these laws from the constitution since they violate human rights.

2. Diplomatic engagement and follow up of many LGBT asylum seekers that have been affected by the Dublin law and transferred back to those countries. For example there is a group of Ugandan asylum seekers that have been transferred from the Netherlands back to France and they are raising their queries of the treatment they are receiving ever since they left Netherlands.

3. Diplomatic engagement of the United Nations High Commission For Refugees (UNHCR) in Kenya were many cases have been reported to us of the harsh treatment of LGBT asylum seekers who fled from Uganda after the law was passed. For example the Refugee camp in kakuma is on record to have many incidents in relation to attacks on LGBT asylum seekers.

4. Your continued close engagement with activists on the ground together with your foreign mission in Uganda so as to effectively monitor and evaluate the progress of the impact of this law on the LGBT innocent community. Find a way to equip and support the marginalized LGBT community with an effective media platform in Africa especially in countries were these laws have been enacted like Uganda and Nigeria.

5. Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM) calling its allies, partners, well-wishers and the office of the PVDA Political party in the Netherlands to honor, sign and disseminate the petition that are being forwarded and collaborate with grassroots human rights activists.

6. We would highly like to appreciate the work of Honorable Fred Teeven for his efforts towards many LGBT asylum seekers by his promise he made a few months back to ensure that Ugandan LGBT asylum seekers from countries that’s violate these rights are granted protection and permission to start life in the Netherlands which has been partly accomplished, however we are still having a lot of many cases from our members who are uncertain of their stay in the Netherlands and this is quite challenging for many as it has brought a lot of stress to them. We would kindly request your office to check on this issue.
1. Moses Walusimbi Founder and Chairman Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM)
2. Matovu Julius Founder and Vice Chairman Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM)
3. Katende Robert Media Spokesperson (UGOM)
4. Bugembe Rona General Secretary (UGOM)
5. Atwine Isabella Treasurer (UGOM)