The Hague cultural Parade/ Festival of 12th-July-2014 was such a success as many people from all over the Netherlands of different traditions and norms converged to celebrate with the Theme “Unity in Diversity”
Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM) group was among the participants in this wonderful, cheerful and colorful annual event.

“You can think what you want. But you should know that I was born just like you, I have the same red blood like you, I breath the same oxygen like you.
I am a human being, just like anyone else. Many can feel sorry for me for the way people treat me for being just who i am born to be, I feel pity for those who can not have that sense of feeling at least occupying a single split second to imagine what my life is.”
Says Julius Matovu, one of the participants and cofounder of UGOM addressing to the participants.

One of the urgent challenges LGBT community and its supporters in Uganda and Nigeria has faced is that; the very folks who attend church and believe in God who present the biggest threat to the well-being of gay and lesbian young folks in these countries. There’s a direct correlation, in the cultural context (where well-funded western right-wing American Christians have whipped up the flames for some time now) between lethal homophobia and church membership.


It’s people who claim to own the Bible and to speak on God’s behalf who are seeking to incite violence against their gay, transgender, bisexuals and lesbian brothers and sisters in Uganda and Nigeria.
We are the children of the rainbow flag; we shall fight for our rights at all cost.
“Human rights is our pride”

Great thanks to Mr. Calvin Moreno for introducing us to the committee of the organizers of this wonderful annual event and deeply thank the Hague Culture Parade, African life, Gemeente Den HAAG, Fonds 1818, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.



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