International LGBT Church in The Hague Celebrates Its’ One Year Anniversary with a Unique Interreligious Service with FOUR Religions Represented.


What better way to celebrate the work of the Internationale Roze Kerk MCC than to have FOUR LGBT spiritual leaders in one location to share an interfaith service. 
THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS, August 10, 2014  – Spirituality, homosexuality, and community have all come together  over the last year in a small non-denominational Christian community residing in the COC Haaglanden social center at Scheveningseveer 7. We are having a special celebration to mark this milestone.
 On September 14th, 2014, Pastor and Reverend Barbara Rogoski will host an interreligious service with special guests Imam Hashim Jansen, Jewish activist Jacqueline Carver and Rati Manjari Jeanet van Stijll, a Hare Krishna Devotee from Amsterdam. Four religions sharing one theme: God is Our Connecting Point and Loves Us All – Just as We Are.
“The idea of bringing several religious traditions together at the IRK for a joint interreligious service seems like a natural thing to do to show the world that it is possible to worship together and create friendships with those that have different beliefs than your own. Rev. Barbara Rogoski
All four leaders will have active roles in the service by reading passages from their holy books, having their sacred songs played and speaking a few words about their respective religions that will celebrate the similarities of their beliefs. After the service there will be a party to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Internationale Roze Kerk MCC in The Hague with cake, snacks and refreshments in the newly remodeled COC Café.
The Internationale Roze Kerk MCC has monthly bi-lingual services on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 15:00 that welcomes LGBT people of faith and straight family and friends to worship together in safety and peace. The services offer traditional and contemporary prayers and music by using YouTube Videos, live singers when possible, and Power Point slides to make it easier and more engaging for all to follow.
Rev. Barbara is active in the local LGBT and international community by providing pastoral care and counseling, participating in different services, panel discussions and giving presentations. We are pleased to announce that our church has recently been approved to become the first Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) partner in The Netherlands. MCC is a global LGBT Christian network of churches around the world.
A special Christmas Eve dinner and midnight service will take place on Dec. 24th at 23:30 in English and  Dutch, sung by a local choir, with several other festivities around it. All are welcome to attend this remarkable church service on the 14th of September and witness something that has seldom been done before.

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