As the days count down to the main event scheduled to take place on 29-11-2014, There is a lot to talk about inline with “human sexuality” and understanding it. This is this year’s theme as this is still a misunderstanding to many of us. Many do not know how to differentiate who is who when it comes to human sexuality. Many are still puzzled about who they are, many are taken by surprise by what really happens to their lives as per this nortion.
You can never explain your self or talk about yourself without understanding well who you are inline with your sexuality which can help you know very well your sexual orientation visavee your gender identity
Maybe you can come with a friend to hear and interact with the most powerful figures tackling and explaining this whole issue and understand it well.
Perhaps it can be a day that will completely change your life in viewing yourself in a totally comforting picture of the real free you.

Come and get first hand information about the subject from the expected and respected most influential key players on LGBTI rights and promotion on the global scene such as Prof. K e e s   W a a l d i j k, professor of comparative sexual orientation law at Leiden Law School The Netherlands,  Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies  University of Leiden (Campus The Hague),
Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera (also known as Jacqueline Kasha) a Ugandan LGBT rights activist. She is the founder and executive director of an LGBT rights organization called Freedom & Roam Uganda (FARUG) and 2011 recipient of the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders, a delegate from PVDA Dutch political party, Rev. Barbara Rogosky from the International LGBTI Church in Hague, Representatives of Rainbow Den Haag and Stichting Kabaasi, a delegate from the Roze en Blauw Dutchnpolitie department (Pink and blue Dutch police department), among many other powerful figures to address the congregation on the matter and various issues.
The final draft about the event with full details of confirmed speakers to this event shall be communicated to you in a few days to come.
Come and get motivated. Entrance is absolutely free for every one. Be part of the revolutional change of the new world order with powerful intervention on human rights violation and advocacy as a solution to international LGBTI problems. Be the vanguard of change that you want to see, be on the right side of history, be proud of what you are, be thankful of what you have.
“Human rights is our pride”


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