Akasanoma Foundation is organizing a workshop under the theme African perspectives on sexual diversity of which Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM) community representatives were invited to address the congregation on the topic of sexual diversity inline with African protected values. 
Until quite recent, a discourse on sexual diversity was virtually unwelcome subject among people of African origin generally.  Most Ghanaians in particular, who are quick to narrow everything about the subject to abhorrence for homosexuality and lesbianism, would neither be party to nor lend their ears to discussions on this. Subtly however, there is now considerable shift from the old order within the community. 

The pioneering efforts of Akasanoma Foundation with her Live & Let Live series of information sessions in 2013 that brought the subject to the fore as a component of discrimination appear to have paved some way for other organizations within the community to take discussions on the subject few steps further. 



Akasanoma Foundation considers the usual scornful view towards discussions on the subject originating largely from both cultural and religious differentials as bordering more on rather unclear perspectives on the demands of sexual diversity than anything else.  Varying arguments and standpoints are likely to assume greater proportions and remain with us for as long as we are unable to reach clear understanding of what mutual co-existence requires of all of us particularly when this affects divergent values we subscribe to individually.     Further, our firm position on the issue of discourse on sexual diversity is that a community becomes its own enemy when it chooses to sweep issues that demand open discourse under the carpet. A matured society, we believe, confronts rather than ignores challenges that pose serious threat to or undermines the moral fabric of the society Target group. Against this background and in line with the new government agenda on citizens initiatives (otherwise called participatory society), Akasanoma Foundation, with support from the Amsterdam Social Development Service (DMO), is set to consolidate on the appreciable impact made on efforts to keep the issue of discrimination in all its ramifications (i.e. based on race, sex, sexual preference etc,) at the center stage of the African community for sustained and deeper discussions.

The workshop seeks to probe into the divergent views on the subject matter of sexual diversity from African socio-cultural perspectives and to answer simple question of how we can, in spite of divergent views, stimulate consensus agreements on ways to promote mutual co-existence and respect for individual moral values.
Date: Saturday, 22nd November, 2014.
Place: Akwaaba – Bijlmerdreef 252C, 1102 BC Amsterdam Southeast.  Time: 17.30 – 21.00 hours. Language: Bi-lingual (English and Dutch with eventual Akan translations).

Programme:  17.30 – 18.00 hours: 
Arrival of guests/Registration. 18.00 – 18.30 hours:  Meals & Drinks 18.30 – 18.45 hours:  Opening plenary – motivational statements. 18.45 – 19.00 hours:  Playing of drama sketch video (Excerpts). 19.00 – 19.05 hours:  Short Break. 19.05 – 20.05 hours:  Workshop session.  20.05 – 20.15 hours:  Interlude for drinks 20.15 – 20.35 hours:  Workshop summary | Closing remarks. 20.35 – 21.00 hours:  Networking (with drinks) | End. Participants and speakers are drawn from a spectrum of interest groups in the Amsterdam Municipality, community organizations in Amsterdam and opinion leaders within the Ghanaian community. The session will be recorded for television broadcast. For further information.

By Stichting Akasanoma and UGOM


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