Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM) invites you to a forum on global LGBTIQ rights under the theme “let’s talk about it” that is going to take place on saturday 29/November/2014 at Oude Lutherse Kerk, singel 411 Amsterdam starting at 14:00pm.


Not long ago, many communities around the world had a hard time in dealing with LGBTIQ persons, some up to date still have that challenge. They avoided them and thought they were abnormal. But after learning and talking about sexual differences and preferences, many communities around the globe are slowly realising that homosexuality is not a choice, it is in fact part of nature. 
Despite of these slow developments in understanding this, most LGBTIQ persons are still in hiding due to segregation against them.

The strong efforts of UGOM’s enchroaching methods and strategies through using social media activism and involvement in dialogues with the concerned parties in 2013 and 2014 through the information events and sessions that brought subjects like unfair treatment of LQBTIQ asylum seekers from Africa especially Uganda in The Netherlands by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization authority (IND) which in its way was a form of discontent in our community and later bringing into place a lot of petitions to challenge this. This appears to have opened and paved way for other organisations within the community to take discussion on the subject few steps ahead.
When it comes to sex and the diverse part of it, it is different but not equal to many when it comes to LGBTIQ persons. We all have sex and those that do not have it want it. Our own intimate desires, sacred fantacies, instrous experimentations, the thought that no body hears.


How can we teach our children to love unconditionally when they are surrounded with a culture of violence, discrimination and hate?
If we stayed out of our neighbours’ beds and spent just a little more time seeking to understand them. Maybe then we would stand a choice at restoring value to the meaning of love, one that transcends beyond the sexual escapades to which we have limited it over the years.

Target groups:
Against such a background and basing on the new government agenda on citizens initiatives (Participatory society) UGOM with help and support from Stichting Secret  Garden, Oude Lutherse Kerk Amsterdam, Rainbow Den Haag, Stichting Kabaassi, is set to consolidate on the appreciable impact made on efforts to keep the issue of discrimination in all its manifestation towards LGBTIQ persons  at the core stage of all the community for sustained and deeper discussions.

The forum seeks to probe into the divergent views on the subject matter of sexual diversity from an African perspective in relation to how it is viewed in the western world so as to tackle questions of how we all can inspite of divergent understanding, develop consensus agreements on ways to promote mutual co-existance and respect for individual moral values.


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