Much less than asylum State Teeven feared

The number of applicants this year came to the Netherlands, is much lower than Fred Teeven Secretary of Security and Justice in May still feared.


According to figures from the Immigration and Naturalization Service that Teeven sent to the House. In the period up to November this year reported 22 690 asylum seekers in our country.


Teeven saw at that moment a thousand asylum seekers per week to the Netherlands and said the number at the end of the year could reach 65,000. Probably, it remains below the 25,000 asylum seekers.


That’s always sharply over recent years. In 2013 there were 14 399 (first) asylum applications. In 2012 to 9,810 asylum seekers who have not yet went elsewhere in Europe had applied for asylum.


The figures also show that the influx of asylum seekers has dropped in October and November compared to the preceding months, especially compared September.

It should be noted that the LGBTIQ asylum seekers from countries like Russia, Uganda, Gambia, Nigeria, Jamaica and many other hostile countries that discriminate these rights constitute to the Percentage that of immigrants into the country as well and these really do not come in influx,  however they face the biggest challenge in obtaining asylum in the country compared to their counterparts.

Much less than asylum Teeven feared

That depends according Teeven probably along with the winter season so that fewer migrants crossing the Mediterranean. Teeven says it’s a multi-year recurring pattern.

Most asylum applications come from Syria and to a lesser extent ‘stateless’, often Palestinians living in Syria. In May, when Teeven his fear of 65,000 new asylum seekers spoke, there was a short-lived boom of asylum seekers from Eritrea.

In that month, there were 1,860. The influx has now dried up almost completely in November volunteered 54 Eritreans.


Coming out and then?

Violence, forced ‘medical aid’ and honour killings. Those are the consequences lesbian and bisexual women with an Islamic background have to deal with once they have decided to come out of the closet. 


Secret Garden supports LHBT people on an individual basis and has seen many of these women. We have, however, noticed, that this group of women does not keep in contact with us nor with each other on a regular basis. After six month we see nor hear from anymore.

Secret Garden conducts a research as to find out the reasons behind this lack of continuity, as she would like to stimulate these women to keep gathering and participate in the emancipation of lesbian and bisexual women with an Islamic background. 

For this research we have set up an electronic questionnaire. We would like to ask all lesbian and bisexual women with an Islamic background (this can mean that you are either Islamic yourself or that you have grown up in a primarily Islamic culture) to fill out this questionnaire. Please click here for the questionnaire:

We would be very grateful if you would fill out the questionnaire. It won’t take more than ten minutes of your time. 

The results will be presentedanonymously both in a report and in a short documentary. We will also organize a debate about the topics mentioned in the questionnaire, so as to bring different ideas forward, and discuss and evaluate them together. Participants to this debate, which will take place on March 6th, will be politicians, journalists and people from our organisation. The documentary will be shown during this debate.

By way of this debate we hope to participate in the emancipation of lesbian and bisexual women with an Islamic background in Dutch society.

We would like to thank you in advance for your collaboration and we hope to welcome you in March at our debate!


Youth: “You can be gay, but not kiss’

Youth: “You can be gay, but not kiss’


Sure, a gay may be my friend, but I do not see him kissing another man.Young people are going in recent years, much less dismissive and negative conduct towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.But still there is no complete acceptance. Gay young people experience still more problems than heterosexual youth. Transgender is that even stronger.

Sure, a gay may be my friend, but I do not see him kissing another man. Young people are going in recent years, much less dismissive and negative conduct towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. But still there is no complete acceptance. Gay young people experience still more problems than heterosexual youth.Transgender is that even stronger.This is evident from the published today SCP publication Youth and Sexual Orientation , made ​​at the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.For the study were young (between 11 and 16 years) and young adults (aged between 16 and 25 years old) questioned.


It is painful to see how many are bad LHB youth in their own skin

COC President Tanja Ineke

From a previous survey in 2006 found that 18 percent of young adults thought negatively about homosexuality and bisexuality.Now that fell to 6 percent. Well still takes about a third of the youth and young adults the dirty when they see two men kissing. This latter percentage is 12 percent significantly lower when it comes to a man and a woman. If gay or transgender ‘coming out’ the environment reacts almost always positive. Yet they have more than heterosexual youth unpleasant experience such as bullying, nasty questions, stupid jokes or name calling. Which come very often from strangers. Four in ten gay youth saying they have experienced problems in the past year. COC, the interest group for homosexuals, the figures called alarming and calls on the government, schools and parents to take action. “It’s painful to see how many are bad LHB youth in their skin,” said President Tanja Ineke. LHB stands for lesbian, gay and bisexual. “I hate it that their situation does not improve quickly.” Jet Bussemaker Minister of Education is concerned about the well-being of lesbian, gay and bisexual youth, reports her spokeswoman. There remains, according to her “work to do” to discuss this topic in the classroom.’Teachers need to be supported in it. ” They therefore want that on teacher training “sufficient attention” for this.
Translation by UGOM

History and background of Bob Angelo Medal (Penning) And Certificate

Bob Angelo Medal was established in 1991 by the COC. On the one hand as a posthumous homage to COC-founder Niek Englishman (1913-1988) and on the other persons annually, to honor groups or organizations that have made meritorious special way at national or international level for the emancipation of gay men and lesbians.


In addition, Bob Angelo awarded a Certificate periodically from 1998 to persons and / or organizations who have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of gay emancipation.

Bob Angelo was the pseudonym of Niek Englishman (1913-1988) – founder and first president of the COC.In 1940 he founded with some friends the magazine Levensrecht  on. After only one song had to be stopped making the blade, because that song came out in early May 1940 just before the German invasion of the Netherlands.

After WWII Englishman and his friends came together again and began to appear the magazine again. In December 1946 led to the creation of the Shakespeare Club, the first name of the charity who calls himself from 1948 COC.


Benno Premsela , former president of the COC.DEREK JARMAN , director, including Caravaggio and Edward II. ULRIKE OTTINGER , director – as Jarman for her contribution to the development of a gay / lesbian cinematography.

Relus ter Beek , Minister of Defence. RENÉ Holtel , captain & Chairman of the Working Group on Homosexuality and the Armed Forces. Both for their contribution to make the discussion of homosexuality in the armed forces

ANDREAS BURNIER , openly lesbian author of “The Jongensuur ‘and’ A satisfied smile ‘- early role model with a status similar to Gerard Reve and Anna Blaman.

Father Jan van Kilsdonk , as pastor of the Amsterdam Student Church an early advocate for an open and understanding attitude in pastoral care for homosexuals.

PAUL LEO , TV presenter – sassy openly homosexual and therefore taboo-breaking. SAD Schorerstichting  – for the groundbreaking work of this organization (now Schorer) in the field of LGBT specific health and HIV prevention.

Hans van Manen , choreographer – taboo-breaking with ballets in which ‘play’ is gender roles.

Marjan Sax , founder of Mama Cash, a fund for small-scale projects that woman thereby lesbians and their organizations at home and abroad has given a major boost.

ROB TIELMAN , founder Gay Studies Utrecht – for his contribution to the development of gay studies.

On the occasion of the  GAY GAMES 1998  in Amsterdam, the first to be Bob Angelo Badges awarded to: 
– Marianne van Staa & Tom Bijlmer – all volunteers 
– Deputy Mayor Harry Green – for government and residents of the city of Amsterdam.

John Blankenstein , openly gay referee – broke the taboo on homosexuality in a macho sport par excellence.

Bob Angelo Badges are awarded to: 
–  Jan-Willem Wabeke , Legal Adviser at the Friends of Gay Krant and thus important in the lobby, which has led to the opening up of civil marriage for same-sex partners. 
–  Marijke Burger , founder of Café Anders first soos for mentally disabled gays and lesbians.

TIM KROLJEREZ , founder and editor of the Gay Krant – for his role in opening up civil marriage for same-sex couples.

Bob Angelo Badges are awarded to: 
–  Eduard Boer  . – for his study on gay asylum seekers whom he knew to put this issue on the public agenda 
–  Janneke van der Brugh and Merel van Ginkel  – because of the creation of Jong from the cupboard, which they drew attention to the position of 16min-LGBT youth.

JOKE SWIEBEL , Euro-parliamentarian – for its pioneering work in the international on the agenda of equal rights for gays and women.

Bob Angelo Certificate is awarded to: 
–  Saddie Choua  – Belgian documentary maker – for making the documentary ‘My sister Zahra’ about homosexuality in Moroccan circles.

Bob Angelo Certificate  with golden pencil awarded by Minister Ronald Plasterk, is awarded to: DANNY Hoekzema , thé  front liner  of 16-min LGBT youth, took the initiative for Danny’s Parade, the boat 16minners during the Canal Parade, and establishing Joug & Out- matchmaking events and website.

Bob Angelo Certificate is awarded to: 
–  Mustafa Ayranci  – President of the Turkish Workers ‘Movement HTIB, “honorary ambassador for gay rights’ that Turkish community from within the Dutch bijgedrage to the discussion of homosexuality.

PANN foundation , for forty year deployment for the personal emancipation and social involvement of LGB youth in Utrecht and beyond.

Arie Boomsma , because of his work and set up as a program maker at Evangelische Omroep (EO) which he as no other public discussion of homosexuality in orthodox Christian circles has called and has become a role model for young people in that circle to a more open to adopt attitudes toward homosexuality.Remonstrant because the decision in 1986 as the first worldwide denomination to allow the blessing of gay / lesbian relationships thereby treating all life commitments equal. This step is indicative of the openness and tolerance of this church and was a breakthrough in Christian thinking about homosexuality and relationships and that has influenced thinking about it among Christian gays and among other Christian denominations in our country.The prize was awarded on the occasion of the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the denomination.

ERWIN OLAF because he like no other social outrage on LGBT vijdandig violence and discrimination knows how to put into words, thereby activates people and also about taking action. Furthermore, he takes it in his work as an artist tirelessly for LGBTs. PINK in BLUE that volunteer network of ‘pink’ agents in Amsterdam managed to lower the threshold for making declarations – by setting a special directly reachable phone number and by running ‘the street’ to go on. Did the police alert to anti-LGBT violence, strengthened the position of ‘pink’ agents and an inspiration for similar initiatives elsewhere in the Netherlands.

Boris Dittrich , delivered one of the first openly gay MPs a crucial contribution to the opening of marriage to same-sex couples, provided important building blocks for the current Dutch LGBT policy and now fights as director sexual minorities at Human Rights Watch ( HRW) worldwide for the rights of LGBTs who are oppressed and persecuted. MARIA of EAST , continued as the founder of ZijAanZij not only a beautiful  glossy  down, but also to think no more road platform where lesbian and bisexual women recognition, recognition and role models find, thus making a significant contribution to the emancipation of lesbian and bisexual women in the Netherlands.

Bob Angelo Certificate is awarded to: 
–  Björn van Roozendaal  – at his farewell as an international member of COC Netherlands – because of his merit as a board member of the IGLYO, for his efforts in obtaining the consultative status of the COC at the United Nations and the also help build a global LGBT network to get on the agenda of LGBT rights in the European Union, Council of Europe and the United Nations.

Mushin HENDRICKS , this award above all because he receives LGBT Muslims gives the strength to be who they are: Muslim and LGBT. This “pink Imam made ​​a very valuable contribution to the debate about sexual orientation, gender identity and Islam in the Netherlands, South Africa and the world.
TRANSGENDER MOVEMENT NETHERLANDS , a move that in recent years has made ​​many concrete results for the transgendered, and that is the result of years of effort, based on a political agenda, with support, visibility and mutual care and contact. Which is essential for equality and social acceptance. The medal is awarded to three protagonists who is very committed to this movement: CAROLIEN of Lagemaat, SIMON HUGHES and THOMAS Wormgoor.

CARRY SLED , author of children’s literature, in her popular books sexual diversity and gender identeit unemphatically and processed completely natural way and thus in a special way contributes to the emancipation of LGBTs in the Netherlands. , Thomas Hammarberg , Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe (2006- 2012), which gave a high priority to the rights of LGBTs. This resulted in the largest study ever to discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in Europe and the first report on human rights of transgender people in Europe.

Wielie Elhorst , president of the National KoördinatiePunt groups of church and homosexuality (LKP). He delivered during his board membership (as of 2001) and later presidency (2006-2014), an important contribution to the improvement of the position of Christian LGBT in the Netherlands, which nowadays also in orthodox Christian circles lake withLGBT is spoken, rather than about them. He was a driving force behind many innovative activities, including the world’s first ecclesiastical declaration against violence against homosexuals, the Sacred Boat on the Canal Parade, the alliance of Christian LGBT organizations LCC Plus and the Gay Pride church and involved in the development of various books about sexual orientation, gender identity and faith as Coming Out ​​Churches and uniform out of the closet – about homosexuality in the Salvation Army.


INVITATION PRE-PARTY (Valued relationship)


On Sunday January 25th 2015 the Dutch LGBT movement will be showing its true colors!
For the third time organizes the COC True Colors at Paradiso Amsterdam. UGOM representatives are very likely to be present as one of the hundreds of initiatives, groups and networks.


UGOM is among the invited groups or initiatives that will be welcomed in with a valued relationship status to the COC  in the Small Hall of Paradiso.

UGOM is suggested as the first to the winner of the Bob Angelo Penning 2015 and obviously also considered the beneficiary of True Colors, Bob Angelo Fund.
This fund is collected to support small-scale activities for LGBTs.

Immediately after this special reception there will be the main program in the main hall of Paradiso: True Colors.


Do you want this year at True Colors make a particular contribution to the Bob Angelo Fund? Please contact Joris Nees at tel. 020-6234596 or or check .
We look forward to seeing you!
Tanja Ineke Koen van Dijk
President Director
Exclusive reception in Small Hall. Doors open at 15:00. Here commences at 16.00 a brief substantive program. True Colors will start at 16.30 in the main hall.
Unfortunately you can not access without RSVP Paradiso.
RSVP: Please confirm your coming before January 15 via this link:

Barbados LGBT activist scoops prestigious award

14 Jan 2015

Queen Elizabeth ll has honoured Barbados LGBT rights activist Donnya Piggott who is now tipped to receive the prestigious inaugural Queen’s Young Leaders Award in June this year.

The Award, which will be presented in London by Her Majesty. The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, celebrates the achievements of young people who are taking the lead to transform the lives of others and make a lasting difference in their communities.

The winners this year is between ages 18 and 29. These are youths working on issues concerning education, climate change, gender equality, mental health and disability equality. These young adults support others, raise awareness and inspire change.

Piggot who heads the Barbados LGBTI organisation, Gays and Lesbians Against Discrimination) Donnya BGLAD, was this week selected to receive the award as one of 60 young people from across the Commonwealth, including three others from the Eastern Caribbean. The other recipients from the Caribbean are Kellyn George from Dominica, Javon Liburd from St Kitts & Nevis and Kenville Horne from St Vincent & the Grenadines.

– I’m elated, happy for this award. What it does is it recognises the cause,” 24-year-old Piggott was quoted in the

Dr Astrid Bonfield CBE, Chief Executive of The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust was quoted saying:

– The leadership of talented young people in all spheres of life can transform communities and societies for the better. What the 60 young people announced today have achieved is remarkable and their plans for the future are truly inspiring. “The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme is poised to unlock the potential of this diverse and talented group of young people and we are delighted to be supporting them to go further and achieve more .



Egypt court clears 26 men held in raid on ‘gay bathhouse

Same-sex relations are not explicitly prohibited under Egyptian law but remain a taboo
A court has acquitted 26 men who had been arrested by police looking for gays at a Cairo bathhouse.

Some of the defendants kept their faces hidden behind jacket hoods and scarves, traumatised by the humiliation, while others uncovered their faces and wept openly after the verdict.

Same-sex relations are not explicitly prohibited under Egyptian law but remain a taboo. The men faced various charges, including debauchery.
The case caught the public’s attention after a pro-government TV network aired scenes of men being pulled from the bathhouse by police during the raid on 7 December.

The courtroom erupted into a frenzy after the word “acquittal” was heard from the judge and women ululated. Scott Long, an American researcher who had followed the case, said he was both “shocked and delighted”.

“I hope this is a sign that these raids will come to an end,” Mr Long told the Associated Press amid the cheering. “Finally there was a judge who listened to the evidence.”

Rights activists say 2014 was the worst year in a decade for Egypt’s gay community, with at least 150 men arrested or put on trial.

“They destroyed our lives. God rescued us,” said one of the defendants.

The trial opened only two weeks after the December 7 raid on the bathhouse, or hammam, after quick referral by the general prosecutor.

There are no laws in Egypt criminalising homosexuality but a decades’ old law criminalising prostitution is often used in penalising the gay community. Five of the defendants in Monday’s trial – the owner of the bathhouse and four staff members – were tried for facilitating debauchery in exchange for money.

In the official charges, the prosecutor said the investigation revealed the owner and the staff ran the bathhouse as a place for “parties of debauchery, orgies among male homosexuals in exchange for money”. The rest of the defendants were charged with practising debauchery and “indecent public acts”.

The crackdown on the gay community in Egypt, and also recently on atheists, goes hand in hand with a wider campaign against all forms of dissent and diversity in a country gripped by rising nationalism and a militant insurgency