Much less than asylum State Teeven feared

The number of applicants this year came to the Netherlands, is much lower than Fred Teeven Secretary of Security and Justice in May still feared.


According to figures from the Immigration and Naturalization Service that Teeven sent to the House. In the period up to November this year reported 22 690 asylum seekers in our country.


Teeven saw at that moment a thousand asylum seekers per week to the Netherlands and said the number at the end of the year could reach 65,000. Probably, it remains below the 25,000 asylum seekers.


That’s always sharply over recent years. In 2013 there were 14 399 (first) asylum applications. In 2012 to 9,810 asylum seekers who have not yet went elsewhere in Europe had applied for asylum.


The figures also show that the influx of asylum seekers has dropped in October and November compared to the preceding months, especially compared September.

It should be noted that the LGBTIQ asylum seekers from countries like Russia, Uganda, Gambia, Nigeria, Jamaica and many other hostile countries that discriminate these rights constitute to the Percentage that of immigrants into the country as well and these really do not come in influx,  however they face the biggest challenge in obtaining asylum in the country compared to their counterparts.

Much less than asylum Teeven feared

That depends according Teeven probably along with the winter season so that fewer migrants crossing the Mediterranean. Teeven says it’s a multi-year recurring pattern.

Most asylum applications come from Syria and to a lesser extent ‘stateless’, often Palestinians living in Syria. In May, when Teeven his fear of 65,000 new asylum seekers spoke, there was a short-lived boom of asylum seekers from Eritrea.

In that month, there were 1,860. The influx has now dried up almost completely in November volunteered 54 Eritreans.


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