Dear friends,

We invite you to attend the congregation of our group on Tuesday,February 10th at 7.00pm at the Pink House (Roze Huis), St.Anthoniusplaats 1, Nijmegen. The congregation will end at 9.30 h. The meeting is divided in three parts.

We have decided to invite again Mr. Moses Loveroy Walusimbi, founder and CEO of Uganda GayOn Move (UGOM) who will be accompanied by Mr. Matovu Julius, cofounder and vice chairman of UGOM.
In the meeting in January, we had a good discussion about some issues. We want to continue the discussion. We will do it in a more structured way this time.

In the second part, from 8.30 to 9.00h, we want to give you information about lgbt accommodations & organisations, general relevant organisations in Nijmegen and about our buddyproject. Also we intend to provide information about organisations for LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees in the Netherlands. At the end of this part of the meeting we want to ask you to give suggestions about topics or themes for future gatherings and ask which members want to deliver a contribution to meetings.
At the end of the meeting, from 9.00 to 9.30h, there will be light refreshments during which members of the group can get acquainted with fellow members and with volunteers of the buddy project.

Be on time because we start to7.00pm!

I hope to see you guys on next Tuesday,
also on behalf Yousf, Jesús, Sam and Cor

Willy Last
coordinator Cocktail / ASG

People who have to make travel expenses, can declare their costs to me (maximum € 15). You have to showyour ticket or your print out from yourov card. You can get a free print at theNS information desk (= ticket office) at the central railway station in Nijmegen (and central stations in other cities).Without a ticket or print: noreimbursement!

I like to do the administration of the fees before the start of the meeting. I will be present in the Pink House from 5.00pm on. I want to request people who want to receive a reimbursement to come earlier than 7.00pm. People who come for the first time may also come sooner so that we can make acquaintance to each other.


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