African Human Rights Coalition (Message of caution to LGBT refugees)



Those LGBTI in Camps and Urban Refugees – Please follow the cautionary advice that UNHCR and HIAS and AFRICAN HRC and other organizations are giving you. If you have noisy parties, and make yourselves too visible then you are going against the advice to keep a low profile while awaiting resettlement, while awaiting mandates, while awaiting registration and while awaiting interviews. 

Yes we understand how hard it is not to be who you are and not to overcome the bad situation with some fun. But please place your urgent interests first. When you resettle – even though it takes long – you will have time for party and fun. Now the goal is safety first! You cannot complain about your safety if you place yourself at great risk. You know what the stakes are! You have been warned by UNHCR and others.

This is NOT a party time! There are serious consequences when you are in a refugee situation you should follow some of the basic rules – otherwise when you get arrested – you are putting a severe strain on the minimal resources available and ONLY delaying your OWN and other’s resettlement and causing more visibility and danger for others.
source: African Human rights coalition


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