Much as there has been an increase in the numbers of LGBT refugees and asylum seekers due to the introduction of new anti gay legislations around the globe and inherited draconian penal codes against homosexual acts, there has been the indirect importation of homophobia to the safe havens were many flee to live the life they desire.
This is as a result of opportunists who use the situation to attain their desired goals and achievements without minding the safety of those that suffer from the real situation.
A fresh example of such scenario is non other than “Mubiru Sweden”  as used on Facebook who according to the a profound human rights defender, CEO and Founder at Find Hope Sweden, Human rights consultant  for LGBTI immigrants Madam Naome Ruzindana of Sweden being quoted in her words about this whole saga saying:

” This was actually sent to my inbox by the very people that shared a room with Mr MUBIRU SWEDEN,and in the message sent that Mubiru used a gay case to acquire his permanent Residence here in Sweden,through Malmö Immigration Office.Today,this is how MUBIRU SWEDEN is paying back ! Members are ready to testfy to this! ”

She is yet to unearth who the real Mubiru Sweden is to be answerable for his hate speech on social media to instigate violence in the safe haven.
This has received a lot of criticisms from various LGBTI rights diehards and working tirelessly to see this person worked upon by law.  Let it serve as a very good lesson to all those who think they will import their hate into the safe havens of the diaspora.



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