Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM) members are proudly taking part in “I BELIEVE I AM GAY” photography exhibition by Hadas Itzkovitch & Anya van Lit  about religions and homosexuality in the Netherlands. This will all take place at Bijbels Museum in Amsterdam The Netherlands.
This has been a very ground breaking research for the two to come up with.

Itzkovitch and Lit began their project in 2013 with a single question: “Is it possible to be religious and gay in the Netherlands?” A search followed by the Netherlands. During the lengthy process of research and shooting found that many homosexuals, despite the difficult position in which they may be, still draw inspiration and strength from their faith and continue to adhere to this belief.

The photographers chose staged images in a classic style. Attributes and attitudes refer subtly to the specific faith.
For more info please look at the link below;
(Great thanks to Hadas and Anya for this great work)
Aluta continua
“Human rights is our pride”


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