UGOM members and other persons who are LGBTIQ asylum seekers in the Netherlands who have passed in the hands of COA or still under COA support in AZC camps (Asylum Seekers Camps) and are willing to participate in this survey are highly welcomed .

In this survey you can write about your views, they can be positive or negative or neutral depending on the way you see the services. Suggestions and ways forward are all vital in this survey about the services of COA inline with LGBTIQ treatment in camps.

Please know that any information provided will be handled confidentially and anonymously, so there will not be publishing of any names or something like that.

There has been placed the survey online on the website is also a paper version available, so if any one has been ever passed through the COA facilitation asylum seekers camps and he or she is LGBT  would like to participate and a paper version is easier, It  can also be used.

Jessica van Zadelhoff
Projectleider LHBT & asiel / Project manager LGBT & asylum

COC fights for LGBT rights
Federation of Dutch associations for the integration of homosexuality COC Netherlands

Your views matter a lot in shaping for you what really matters.
Be the change you want to see, get involved by participating in this survey.
“Human rights is our pride ”


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