“Buy an item support underground LGBT in Uganda and refugees in Kenya Program Startup Fundraiser”

Underground LGBTIQ persons and refugees  Assistance Program Startup Fundraiser “Buy an Item and support support Ugandan underground LGBTIQ persons and refugees in Kenya”


Organized by: Moses Walusimbi

Cotton T-shirt Sizes: (All sizes)

Ultra Cotton T-shirt
€ 30 (Unisex), Caps, etc

Help Us Raise Our “Buy an item and support the Underground LGBTIQ community and Help LGBTIQ refugees in danger ; in Uganda, Kenya and Africa at large,

Non-Profit organization dedicated to assisting with the day to day basic requirement funds for LGBT victims of anti-gay laws and homophobic violence, in Uganda , Kenya , and Africa at large.

Due to 35 of the world’s 75 countries that have anti-gay laws are in Africa, Africa is our top priority.

All funds raised will go to UGOM management, the organizer, for the cost surrounding starting up.

Thanks to our supporters!

Please do not hesitate to contact the organizer with any questions about this campaign .

More about this campaign

Uganda Gay On Move UGOM . Was founded in 2013. We are a Non-profit, organization. Please see our website for more information
we are also on Twitter @UgGayonmove or on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/ugandagayonmove.

Part of our mission is to help underground LGBTIQ persons and fled LGBTIQ refugees in kenya with their basic day to day needs partnering with underground LGBTIQ organisations that are doing much to change the situation . We aim to help persons who are ready to cooperate with  the underground organisations or individuals of our references specialising in the victims of anti-gay laws and homophobic violence as well as crisis management.


In Africa being a homosexual can impose a life sentence in prison, or death by stone or call it mob Justice, or discrimination . Being in third world countries, and access to help for the LGBT community in Africa is non existent. These poor helpless victims of humanity are our primary focus.
Much as we look running to safe havens, we need to know that there are those LGBTIQ persons who will never have that chance and they are on grass root level in the community. They need our support the more.
So we should focus on making a safer atmosphere for those that are holding on. The safe havens may not be enough to take the entire LGBTIQ community if it decided to flee as a whole.

The underground LGBTIQ community in Uganda & a fled group of LGBTIQ persons in Kenya face horrible atrocities daily. Being a homosexual can impose up to a life sentence in prison, and fines. Besides the outlash against them.

The situation is crucial and the African LGBT community needs the basic daily needs and necessities as any human being should have. Refugees in kenya as many of them await for their evacuation in camps like kakuma, they face discrimination against them and as such they immediately go to survive in places they feel they are safer than in camps although it is not an easy task as they can not get employed since many fled without any thing to help them secure jobs. One buying an item from UGOM is a bigger contribution to the betterment of this most marginalised community.

Please help us help these people.

One of our programs vision is to ensure that the Underground LGBT persons in Uganda and refugees in kenya will be connected with other organizations, or individuals that in conjunction with our program will be able to make the transition from hate to love as smooth as possible.

We will as well ensure that the targeted group will be connected to individuals or organisations that will guide them on staying safe and not to fall victims of hate and violence against them.

Also we hope that those individuals or organisations on ground will be able to assist the target group with the asylum application process and services after asylum status is approved. 

For this fundraiser, being that our non-profit application is pending; will be temporarily sent to an account that will be provided to any one interested in any product on our list.
The funds will be used for the following:
1) :Ugandan underground LGBT and refugees in kenya support , funds are expected for provision of basic day  to day needs and requirements by this community at minimum 65% of proceeds
UGOM is in contact with prominent LGBTIQ persons, activists and underground organisations that are expected to distribute this support the targeted group.
We have trusted personels who will keenly follow how it is distributed.

2) Not more than 35% will be used solely for the start-up and operational costs. 

NO wages are paid from this campaign  

Thank you. 
Moses Walusimbi
Founder, President, and CEO 
Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM)

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“Buy an item support underground LGBT in Uganda and refugees in Kenya Program Startup Fundraiser”


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