“Many thought of me living as an out lesbian is a choice and it shouldn’t be forced onto my children. I made it very clear that they was casting a shadow on my pregnancy glow by then. Many of the people who were against my sexual preference if they wanted to talk to me, they preferred to talk about the weather other than my situation as an expecting lesbian mom to be but this never stopped me from hoping because it is hope that has got me were i am to this date, i have never stopped hoping”

Before having kids, She imagined if she would be a perfect mother. she wouldn’t make the same mistakes her family and friends made to her simply because prefer to love women. She would love her children unconditionally. She would never raise her voice or lose her patience on her kids because they see things differently. But raising hypothetical children is so much easier than raising actual children and she has made many mistakes, including some of the same ones her family and friends did to her. She had to make peace with herself.


Raquel Lisa who is a proud mom of two beautiful twins and a member of our community got a grip of our attention when she took us into her life as mom. She is very hopeful of the change of attitude back home in Uganda. She is among the many who fled the country’s discrimination of the most marginalized community in Uganda. She has enjoyed her life ever since she got here. She has for the last three years in The Netherlands seen a very big change in the way she used to be comparing the life home in Uganda and here. She misses a lot in Uganda and at times in brings her down but always hope drives her from that moment. She has ever since made a lot of connections in this country she embraced to start a new life which her little ones will enjoy not being branded as kids of a ‘lesbian woman’ She is now volunteering in COC Groningen in North of Netherlands which is an LGBTIQ organisation within her vicinity.


In the words of Vikki Reich:

“There are only a few things about which I am certain but I know that, someday, our children will sit down with their friends, share a bottle of wine and malign us. They will tell stories about our quirks and their friends will laugh. They will list their grievances and their friends will shake their heads in sympathy. Most of those stories will have little to do with the fact that we are lesbians. Though that defines us to the rest of the world, it doesn’t define us to our children. We are just their parents”

Raquel Lisa, she advised many of those that are still struggling in all aspects of life with regard to their sexual preferences to continue hoping because when you believe in hoping, no mountain is high for you.

Stories of such kind keep inspiring and motivating many of our members in the community and the world at large.

Great thanks goes to Raquel Lisa and  COC Groningen Netherlands

“Human rights is our pride”



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