UGOM REPRESENTATIVES ATTENDED THE ANNUAL HAGUE CULTURAL PARADE (The sixth edition of the Hague Cultural Parade and Festival 2015)

The Hague Cultural Parade and Festival 2015 took place on Saturday, July 4th, 2015 from 13:00 to 18:30. The theme was the connection and  focused on the charitable and social organizations and institutions in The Hague, which are active in the field of connection (learning and confidence in each other), cultural liberty, anti-discrimination, empowerment, citizenship, tolerance and respect.
The parade followed a new route this year  through neighborhoods Regent and Transvaal and was put on the following streets:
Asmansweg – Monstersestraat – Paul Krugerlaan- Paul Kruger Square – Regentesselaan- Regentesseplein – Newton Street – Asmansweg.

The representative of the US Embassy, ​​Mr.
Rob Anderson, gave a speech about the meaning of
the Fourth of July, Independence Day, and what this means for Americans
means. He also appointed the memorable fact that gay marriage is now
possible in all States of America!  Then he kicked off the parade!


What a fantastic colorful whole !! The following countries were represented:
Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Angola, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda,
China, Turkey, India, New Guinea, Brazil, Suriname, Netherlands Antilles and Curacao.
All participating countries have subsequently occurred and a show impression of
the songs and dances from their country.

Then Y-mara on stage with wonderful reggae music.

Our Councillor for Integration, Social Affairs, Employment, Neighbourhood Approach and Sports,
Mr. Rabin Baldewsingh, then took the floor and spoke briefly include the
inspiring character and the strength of the connection of the Hague Cultural Parade,
the church is like next year back in action.


The Hague Cultural parade is one of the summer festivals held in the Hague city in the Netherlands and aimed at bringing together all the people from all cultural backgrounds of life from a global diversity perspective. This event includes portray of various cultures through wears and attires, dancing and singing, and a walk of peace around some parts of the city. For Uganda Gay On Move, it is the second time of attendance representing a minority group of LGBTIQ asylum seekers here in the Netherlands. This event is annually organized by Stichting Africa Life based in the Hague which has come out of the many African organisations in the Netherlands to give open arms to LGBTIQ persons without any bias thus giving them a platform to air out their grievances and views in order to empower them.


Great thanks to Mr James Owie and all the sponsors of this wonderful annual event for  continued support to all individuals without any bias.


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