UGOM To Be Represented At the ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference 2015 To Take Place In Athens Greece

After a stiff competition on the the scholarships that were put in place by ILGA-Europe committee to help on facilitation of various organizations and individuals who are doing a lot of impact in LGBTIQ emancipation and advocacy, Rhona Bugembe applying under her organization, Uganda Gay On Move as the secretary General come out as a victor out of 220 competitors worldwide to win one scholarship to represent the organization at the 2015 ILGA Annual Conference to be held in Athens Greece in between  28th and 31th of October 2015, under the theme Many voices, One movement – Together, mobilised for a just society.


It has has come as a blessing for the first time the organization to be represented at this mega European LGBTIQ conference held annually.

This scholarship considered the following issues in selecting applications:

  • Diversity: In the framework of its Diversity work ILGA-Europe gave particular attention to diversity of representation from delegations to the Annual Conference – whether it is in terms of gender, racial/ethnic background, disability, age, intersex, sexual orientation and gender identity. The aim this year is also to increase participation of applicants who have not been able to participate in an ILGA-Europe event previously.
  • Contribution: Selected applicants had to demonstrate how they contribute to the work of ILGA-Europe and/or to the LGBTI movement in Europe.
  • European region:Scholarships were only granted to applicants coming from European regions as ILGA-Europe advocates for LGBTI equality in Europe.
  • Members of organisations: ILGA  prioritized applicants that are directly connected to organisations or are members of organisations.
  • 1 scholarship per organisation: In cases where there were more than one application from one organisation that fulfilled our criteria, ILGA decided to grant only one. organisations were left to nominate their representatives.


The ILGA-Europe’s scholarship grant will cover:

  • Travel costs to/from Athens
  • Accommodation at the Conference venue for 4 nights, from 28th of October to 1st of November 2015.
  • Meals during the Conference
  • Conference programme costs

UGOM community wants to extend its thanking to the ILGA-Europe for this decision to consider our organization as a participant to this wonderful international conference. We hope to benefit a lot from it by sending in our General Secretary and we congratulate her upon this achievement.

“Human rights is our pride”



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