Rights Out There – Recognition of Same-Sex Love Worldwide

An evening, hosted by and in the Old Lutheran Church of Amsterdam, to share what we know about legal progress – or stagnation – concerning the recognition of samesex love in the 200 countries of the world over the last fifty years. Where is homosexual behavior slowly disappearing from criminal law, where is discrimination being challenged by law, and where are same-sex families getting recognized – or not? And how does this relate to economic development and public opinion in the different countries?  Special guest Adam Long (a leading person in the ‘Vote Yes’-campaign about the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage) will be interviewed by the moderator of this evening, Boris Dittrich. (one of the events during Amsterdam Gay Pride 2015 Wednesday evening 29 July 2015, 19:3022:30, Singel 411, Amsterdam.)


“In my own talk during this event, I will use an interactive moving bubble chart to present my Global Index on Legal Recognition of Homosexual Orientation, and its correlations with economic development and with data on public opinion about homosexuality” 

says professor  K e e s   W a a l d i j k (professor of comparative sexual orientation law at Leiden Law School)


The whole event is in English and everyone is welcome. 



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