African LGBT asylum seekers in Belgium (Antwerp Colloquium) 13th October 2015

Belgie 2

A study and meeting day ‘African LGBT asylum seekers in Belgium which is scheduled to take place in Antwerp Belgium on 13th October 2015 (Antwerp Colloquium). UGOM representatives were invited to give their views on the topic in discussion and study, Rhona Bugembe the General Secretary of Uganda Gay On Move will be on the panel to talk about the stuff that matters most to her and about the activities or  work of UGANDA Gay on Move (Challenges and successes of their emancipation and advocacy work for the time they have done it) because people in Europe too often see LGBT refugees and migrants as powerless victims which is great to show them the other side of the story. She will set examples and motivate the asylum seekers in Belgium on how best they can over come challenges they face.  Rhona will be accompanied by Julius Matovu, the vice chairman of UGOM. This has been possible by the support and invitation of Ms. Klaartje Van Kerckem Project coordinator Beweging of Merhaba and Mercia Poelman president of Roze Huis Antwerp Belgium. (Great thanks ) and much great thanks to Mr Jan Beddeleem for the exposure support and contact of our work.

The study and meeting day is aimed  at drawing attention to the situation of LGBT asylum seekers in Belgium, in particular those that originate from Sub-Saharan Africa. There shall be the providing of information about the lives of LGBT people in Africa and around the asylum procedure in Belgium. Furthermore, it is time to let African LGBTIQ persons speak for themselves. The study and meeting day will offer support to people who are professionally or personally involved with African LGBT refugees or undocumented in Belgium.  There will be also a chance to hear  from staff and asylum reception centers and local relief initiatives, employees of CPAs, social workers and others who work professionally around (African) LGBT refugees. The target audience also includes volunteers working with refugees (or undocumented), staff and volunteers of pink houses, members of LGBT associations, human rights activists among others.

Special thanks to Klaartje Van Kerckem of Merhaba Brussel, Mercia Poelman president of Roze Huis Antwerp and Jan Beddeleem of Wish2be

“Human rights is our pride”



2 thoughts on “African LGBT asylum seekers in Belgium (Antwerp Colloquium) 13th October 2015

  1. Iam a Ugandan Gay activist I fleed the country too though iam in an Arabic homophobic everything is done in a closet but risky how can I register with UGOM? I feel insecure too.

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