The Hague Cultural Parade and FESTIVAL 2016 Theme: SOLIDARITY

THCP&F FLYER 2016 4 5. English.
This is an earlier announcement for all UGOM members who are hopeful to be part of this annual event. UGOM will cater for the transportation to all those who will apply early. UGOM will represent the Ugandan LGBTIQ community in the Netherlands. You have to be living in The Netherlands as a requirement. UGOM will focus so much on providing transportation reimbursements for the LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees currently living in camps around in the Netherlands.  You can contact us via our email or directly call us on 0687717530
The Hague Cultural Parade Festival in the Huijgenspark June 4, 2016 from 13:00 to 18:30 Theme: SOLIDARITY
Fifteen different Hague living cultures: Americans, Asians, Europeans
Africans and draw their best traditional clothes from the closet once a year and
go with music and dancing in the streets (center) of The Hague.
Expected number of countries and groups in order of the parade
Netherlands, Nigeria 2., 3. China, 4. Tanzania, 5. Bulgaria 6. Uganda 7. Surinam, 8. Sudan
9. Brazil 10. India 11. Romania 12. Turkey 13. Poland, 14. Ghana 15. Brass Band Antilles.

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