Bio: Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM) is a community of LGBTIQ persons from Uganda united here in the Netherlands that was founded in January of 2013 by LGBTI asylum seekers and now its the strongest African LGBTI community in the Netherlands well known in the Dutch society. We are a group of LGBTI Ugandans here in The Netherlands called Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM), the group was founded by Mr Moses Walusimbi and Mr Matovu Julius and the goal of this group is to fight for Lesbians, Gays ,Bisexuals ,Transgender and Intersexes(LGBTI) rights in Africa but most especially in Uganda. It was founded in January 2013 after facing emotional pains of the way we are treated back home and decided to expose all the injustices we faced and to unite as Ugandans in sharing emotionally, socially and physically for the better life of which many people joined our cause. We have been helping our brothers and sisters who are over 50 on how to deal with stress, advice to them on health issues with moral support too in order to assimilate and fit in the Dutch society and currently we are the leading African LGBTI rights advocacy group or community here in the Netherland. We have managed to introduce and interact with Dutch LGBTI groups and organizations like the Stichting secret garden in Amsterdam, COC Cocktail project in Utrecht, Black Gay Holland in The Hague (Den Haag), Hadas and Anya LGBT Religious photo project, International Roze Kerk LGBTI church found in The Hague. We also participated in a Demonstration "To Russia with love" in Amsterdam mid 2013 and we also organized a peaceful Uganda Anti-Homosexuality bill protest in Amsterdam at Homo-monument square after the Uganda parliament passed the Jail all Gays bill in Uganda, and on 4th/02/2014 we presented a petition against the passed Uganda anti homosexuality bill to the Tweede Kamer Der Staten-Generaal in The Netherlands. We as a group in a free country The Netherlands, we are now a mouth piece for those LGBTI that are oppressed and have fear to talk about it plus those that are not internationally known because not every gay or lesbian is known simply because not all are activists for the change for better life of LGBTIs in our country Uganda and Africa at large. We focus on the oppressed speechless, voiceless vulnerable grassroots LGBTI. If you need to know more about us and what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us and you can feel free to know more about Uganda Gay On Move (UGOM) by visiting us on the following: Telephone number +31687781042, Face book fun page: UGANDA GAY ON MOVE, Twitter: @UgGAYONMOVE, at Linkedin(Uganda Gay On Move UGOM) and GALEAD(Uganda Gay On Move UGOM) and you can check our documentaries on you tube (Uganda gay on move, UGOM) http://www.ugom.stichtingsecretgarden.nl

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